Emergency aid Sanaag Bari and Mudug

One of the projects we support is Emergency aid for Sanaag Bari and Mudug. In this project food, water and medicines are made available to a group of 100 households for a period of three months, with priority given to women and children. The households are selected by a team per area in the region concerned, consisting of: project leader, 12 village chiefs and a spiritual leader. They are well aware of which families are in an emergency and need help.

The project is carried out under the responsibility of the ISKAASHI foundation in collaboration with our partner organization in Somalia Asal Action in Semi Lands, an officially registered local non-governmental organization in Somalia that has carried out several projects in the fields of health, emergency aid and food distribution. It has also carried out a number of projects commissioned by UNICEF and WFP. They will form a project team consisting of a project manager and two logistics coordinators and a group of volunteers depending on the area concerned. They regularly report progress to ISKAASHI.

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30 August, 2022


September 24, 2022

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August 30, 2022

Emergency aid Sanaag Bari and Mudug

August 28, 2022

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June 28, 2022

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June 1, 2022

Into the future with ISKAASHI


    ISKAASHI and SSHO are two organizations that are committed to the Somali diaspora.
    SSHO supports East African migrants and refugees to find their way in Western Europe, and build a new life.
    ISKAASHI supports projects of local NGOs in Somalia. Projects that make a difference in the community, that make a change in someone's life.

    With the current situation in Somalia dire and worsening daily, both organizations have joined forces to act quickly and efficiently. Generating attention, reaching out to - and involving - donors, and being able to quickly provide help where it is needed most with our large and strong network.
    Together we SUPPORT SOMALIA.


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