Into the future with ISKAASHI

ISKAASHI has been around for more than 10 years now and we can proudly look at everything we have already achieved. Can bring a lot of change and improvement in people’s lives. Sometimes difficult, sometimes heavy, but above all we have experienced a lot of beautiful moments together and we sometimes had a wonderful laugh with each other.

In the early years of ISKAASHI, in addition to the projects in Somalia, we also realized a number of activities for the Somali diaspora in the Netherlands. In recent years, these tasks have been increasingly distributed over our organization SSHO, with which we mainly help migrants and refugees from East Africa to find their way in Dutch society. We do this by organizing activities, workshops and training sessions and moments to just be together. All together.

This allows ISKAASI to fully focus on the projects we develop with reputable and well-known local NGOs in Somalia. Ideas and implementation lie entirely with the NGO, where ISKAASHI helps with the sharing of knowledge, network and experience. ISKAASHI also offers a platform to draw attention to these projects and thus generate involvement and donations.

In order to give even better hands, feet and shape to this, we will develop a new website in the coming months. With this we can get our story out even better, create greater involvement and give a face to all those wonderful initiatives that are being worked so hard to make Somalia blossom in all its splendor.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer, so we will stay busy while relaxing, so that we can share our new website with you after the summer.



01 June, 2022


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June 28, 2022

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June 1, 2022

Into the future with ISKAASHI


    ISKAASHI and SSHO are two organizations that are committed to the Somali diaspora.
    SSHO supports East African migrants and refugees to find their way in Western Europe, and build a new life.
    ISKAASHI supports projects of local NGOs in Somalia. Projects that make a difference in the community, that make a change in someone's life.

    With the current situation in Somalia dire and worsening daily, both organizations have joined forces to act quickly and efficiently. Generating attention, reaching out to - and involving - donors, and being able to quickly provide help where it is needed most with our large and strong network.
    Together we SUPPORT SOMALIA.


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